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When I was a kid my brother would take me on trips back and forth from Kentucky to Atlanta. On those trips he would write songs and we would bounce ideas off each other. I quickly began to fall in love with music. We would sing at the top of our lungs, crack goofy jokes, and dream of writing the songs that would cause the world to dance.

When I turned 16 I wrote my very first song. It was terrible and you’ll never hear it. At 18, my brother and I wrote my first album entitled “Not in Vain.” It was amazing for that season, but again, you will never hear it. At the age of 20, I began traveling with a full time ministry that opened my eyes to worship.

Throughout my years in the ministry, I would write, sing, lead, dance, bend, bow, roll, cry, anything and everything that would express and/or communicate the feelings in my heart towards the Lord. 

I moved to Covington, Georgia in February of 2020 and this is the moment everything changed. In finding home, I began to recognize that God wanted a relationship with me rather than a false illusion of perfection. In this new revelation of the Lord, I began to explore the depths and heights of this extravagant love. 

I was always aware that my dreams were bigger than me and my small hometown. 
Though they were so big, they never seemed un-achievable.

I wasn’t afraid of failing, I was terrified of not trying.

Hi, I'm Joe L.

This space is for people like me, who have big dreams burning in their hearts, that were placed there by an even bigger God.

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I'm a dreamer

There is a blank canvas with your name on it. There are impossible dreams waiting on you to realize who you are.

This space is for you to watch dead things come to life and to sit back and watch heaven invade the earth. There is a seat called beloved, a table called goodness, and a home called Abba: all waiting on you. Go after it. Goodness is your inheritance. This is For Every Dreamer.