I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. My mom cultivated a space where I could dream and was supportive even though she didn’t fully understand. In all of the up’s in down’s of life, I want to inspire people to go after their dreams no matter how wild, outlandish, or crazy it may feel. These wild dreams are what change the world. 

I've been writing songs since I was 16. I'll be honest, my first song was terrible. And guess what, your first song will probably be terrible too. BUT that doesn't mean it shouldn't be written. One terrible song can lead to more not-so-terrible songs. Above all, a song is a creative expression of your heart -- that alone is worth the pursuit.

I've written songs alongside Maverick City Music, Carrington Gaines, Israel Houghton, Amanda Cook & Jonathan McReynolds, Tasha Cobbs Leonard...and now I want to share my heart with you. My heart is to help equip you with the tools needed to create and release your sound of authenticity.

The Genesis
of Songwriting

Online CLASS

- How I became an artist 
- How to structure a song 
- The difference between metaphorical & literal verses 
- Exercises that assist in songwriting 
- Bonus Q&A at the end of the class

In this class you'll learn:

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- How to structure a song 
- How to collaborate with other song-writers
- How the music industry works
- How to stay inspired

You'll Learn:


The Genesis of Songwriting

Online CLASS

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+ digital workbook


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